BUY Stuff Online…What Makes People Want to do it – Day 7

Buy Stuff Online…What really makes people want to buy stuff online, What makes them say yeah I want to buy stuff..

In the commercial world there is one very important secret that you need to know if you are selling anything or buy stuff online. As a matter of fact, you won’t be making much money with the product or service you are selling if you ignore this little secret.

The secret that makes people buy stuff or your product is the knowledge that people buy stuff on emotion. Yes, as much as buying can be rationalized to other criteria, it is first and foremost an emotional act. Based on this knowledge, you need to attend to the needs of your customers.

Buy Stuff

What Makes People Want to Buy Stuff Online – Day 7

The question is; how do you do this?

The number one rule for all sellers and people that buy stuff  online and offline is to understand what it really is all about.

Data may give you facts about sales; what sells and what doesn’t, or even what sells best at certain times of the year. However, these numbers are just data, but they are NOT true facts of why people buy. Moreover, it’s not going to help you much to learn how to sell your product, because buying is NOT a fact or data, it’s an emotional decision.

People buy stuff online/offline based on emotional response to what makes them feel good and secure.

This is why customers buy stuff more readily from you if they have made some kind of connections with you prior to their purchase. This doesn’t mean that they have to know you, but that somehow, you have made an emotional connection with them through your articles, ads, websites, or whatever medium you are using to advertise your product.

Understanding this concept will increase your conversion rate tremendously.

People choose and buy stuff based on emotions every day, even if they don’t realize it or want to admit it. People do this even when it’s not related to buying.

When an employer is picking that one person among similar resumes and experiences, it’s based on emotion as well. This employer is going to choose the one candidate that makes him feel good or comfortable. Someone he feels he can trust. He has twenty similar resumes in front of him, but he is going to choose the one candidate that makes him feel good.

We all do that with pretty much everything, buying is no different. Emotion is the strongest factor for humans decision, and buying is a decision.

How to tap into people’s emotions and make them buy stuff?

Above all, you must inspire confidence and trust as well as mirror your customers values by showing empathy and offer them a wonderful shopping experience. You need to show them understanding and personal interest as well as attending to their needs even after the sale has been completed. Your articles and websites needs to talk to them in such a way that their emotions will be affected in a positive way.  Understanding and following your customers emotions will keep you in business for a very long time and they will buy stuff forever…

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